The Gal Pals Go Their Own Way

My first summer in Munds Park was in 2008. As a single person, I found it quite “coupled.” The couples were friendly with me but I was never invited for dinner or to accompany them for an outing. Eventually I found the “Gal Pals.”

I knew Donna because she lived across the street from me in Scottsdale. We hung out, but she was only there on weekends. We still have fun on Fridays, but she’s part of a couple now.

IMG_1444 (2)

Laura rented a home on Fairlane and I met her while walking my dogs. She was game to go to movies, music and hang out. I’m still friendly with her, but she hasn‘t rented in Munds Park for a few years.

Marian lived on Wintergreen. She knew Laura and went out with us. Marian and I became friends. That worked for a few years, but then she sold her house and started to travel the world.

Joan, another neighbor from Scottsdale, bought a place in Munds Park seven years ago. She was always up for an adventure, a meal out, or hanging out. She just sold her place so she won’t be around here.


Myrna hung out with us, too. She was always up for a good time. But she just sold her place and moved back to Scottsdale.


I guess it’s time to round up some more Gal Pals.





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