The Single Senior Tries Bar Trivia

I love Jeopardy. I tape it every day. I attribute this love to my upbringing. We watched College Bowl as a family and played a version of it at the dinner table. My father, who was a genius, was the questioner. My younger brother was also a genius. In my experience, geniuses don’t like to lose intellectual competitions. We didn’t do teams. It was the three children against each other. My older sister and I were always pleased when either of us beat my brother. Family dynamics are fascinating.

I was a librarian for many years. When the game Trivial Pursuit came out, we librarians loved to test our recall of random facts. In those days, before the Internet, when people wanted particular information, they called or visited the library. So we librarians had lots of strange facts in our brains.

Last year, Pinewood Country Club had a Trivia Night in the bar. I had never been to one and didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would be able to find someone to play with, but everyone came with their own teams. I convinced the guy on the next bar stool to play the first part of the game with me, but after a while he figured he had better things to do and left. I still managed to take second place but the questions were not at all what I expected. Most were on popular culture and recognizing celebrity photos. I didn’t return.

This year, Agee’s BBQ has Trivia Night in their saloon on Wednesdays. Susan, a librarian as well as a good friend of mine, was visiting from the valley. She played trivia in a valley bar with other librarians so she was more in the loop than me. Again, most people were in teams of four, but we still managed to snag second prize that week. We each got $15.00 vouchers for Agee’s food. The winners got $25.00 vouchers. The team with the least right answers got free ice cream.

I talked up Trivia Night to my writing group and my book and book club. The next Wednesday I had a team. We didn’t win anything, but it was great fun. Annie Baxter’s team won after a playoff.

I’ll go to Trivia Night again at Agee’s, but only if I have a team. I did not feel comfortable doing it alone.


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