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At Least I Can Hug My Dogs

April 28, 2020

I’m still home alone. All day. All night. Just me and my dogs Flossie and Pebbles. I talk to them all the time. I even found an app, MyTalkingPet that allows me to have my dogs talk back at me. But it’s still my voice.

The lack of human contact is getting to me. No hugs! Of course I hug my dogs and they love it. You would think with all the attention I’m giving them these days, they be saying, “Please, give it a rest!” But no, with my dogs and attention, it’s more, more, and still not enough.

Friends, one at a time, have come over for lunch. I call in the order and pay for it and we eat on the patio, where we can be six feet apart. Or a friend picks up lunch. I enjoy the face-to-face meetings over Facetiming or Zooming, but it is still not human CONTACT. And now it’s too hot in the Phoenix area to sit on the patio. It’s even too hot for the dogs and I to sit on the patio by 9 a.m.

I am heading up to Munds Park this week. I was going to stay a week or so since I’m supposed to have a routine dental appointment and a hair appointment next week. Governor Ducey has not yet announced whether he will let his executive order to stay home expire on May 1 or what he will open up again. We are a lot more open than many states. I am amazed at the stores that are open: craft, appliance, fitness supplies, Target, Walmart, tire stores, car dealerships and their service centers, and take out from the restaurants. If my appointments cancel, I’ll stay longer up north.

It is quite frustrating to be dating at this time. I’m texting and emailing with three different men, but when would I meet them? They all live in the Phoenix area. As soon as everything opens up, I’ll be back in Munds Park for the summer. And social distancing rules will probably still be in force, so no hugs even if I met the fellows.

At least I will be cool in Munds Park, and able to sit on my front porch with Flossie and Pebbles, sip my tea and read a book.

The Single Senior Survives Seclusion

April 13, 2020


So I’m home alone. All day. All night. Just me and my dogs Flossie and Pebbles. I’m as anxious as everyone else about the pandemic. I only know what day it is from the newspaper. I talk to my sister in New York City and my brother in New Jersey, which makes me even more anxious. I check on my friends to make sure they’re okay.

I did do a remote Seder for Passover. I didn’t cook anything for it, just opened a bottle of wine.

All my friends have moved away from my condo complex. I felt disconnected. I put a note on each of the fifty gates to individual patios to announce that I would be singing three songs at 7 p.m. every night, “God Bless America,” “This Land is Your Land” and “It’s a Wonderful World. I put the lyrics to the songs on the community mailboxes. The first two nights my thirty-something neighbor and I were the only ones singing. The third night I walked yup to the mailboxes and there were about ten people. Last night there were four people. It wasn’t a huge success but not a raging failure either.

I have been messaging and texting men from the online dating sites. I started out communicating with four men, now it’s down to one. There isn’t much to report about our daily lives.

I’m also getting information about ballot by mail. I used to do that, but the ballots are not forwarded to Munds Park and I don’t want to miss out on voting.

I’ve been sewing face masks for friends and family and working on a quilt I started a year ago. This situation should be perfect for a writer but I can’t focus on my projects. I have been reading quite a bit, alternating between literary fiction and murder mysteries.

I thought about doing Zumba Gold to a YouTube video, but haven’t managed to start yet. I take the dogs out for short walks, but otherwise I’ve been a sloth.

I’ve stopped watching the news during the day. It’s depressing and anxiety-producing. I won’t allow myself to watch television until the PBS Newshour at 6 p.m. Then I’ll watch Jeopardy, The Daily Show, and something on Netflix. I enjoyed “Unorthodox,” “The Valhalla Murders” and I even watched some of the “Tiger Guy” series.

When will I move up to my cabin? I’m going to be pragmatic instead of my usual planned self. When it gets too hot in Scottsdale, I’ll move. I’m hoping the Pickleball courts will be open by then.


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