Staying Home is Eaeier in the Pines

As soon as it got too hot in Scottsdale to sit out on my patio and read the paper in the mornings, I headed north. I was surprised to see how many people had the same thought. Now I can sit on my porch in the pines any time of the day and read, sip tea, pet my dogs and commune with nature. I’ve noticed that my anxiety level is down.
When I arrived two weeks ago in Munds Park, many of the deciduous trees had no leaves. Now the leaves are full out, even my fruit trees, although they don’t have any flowers yet. My lilac bush is fragrant and spreads its aroma when the wind blows.I set up the blanket I’d had made of three of my grandchildren on the couch, so it seemed like they were in the room with me.
The New York Times informed me that they didn’t deliver any more in Munds Park. I happened upon the newspaper delivery fellow, and he said he would get it to my door. Phew! I don’t like reading the paper online.
Last October I fell in my back patio in Scottsdale and broke my wrist. I went to physical therapy for balance. I fell three times in the first week I was here. The first time was in the parking lot in front of PetsMart. There was some stuff on the ground by my car. I thought it was crushed ice. I stepped on it and down I went, skinning my elbow. I took a good look at the substance I’d slipped on, and realized it was a clear viscous material that is used with fresh flowers. Very slippery. I went back inside to warn the store of the hazard.
The next two times I fell were on the Pickle Ball Court. I was playing well and forgot you should never run or walk backwards. I went down backwards, clunking my head both times and skinning the same elbow. It’s a good thing the pickleball court is rubberized. My fellow players, Sharon and Gary, suggested that my shoes needed more tread. I decided not to play again until my new shoes come from Amazon.
As I foretold, all three of the men I was texting and emailing have fallen by the wayside. Just stopped. That’s fine because I’m no longer in Scottsdale area, where they are. I finally changed my zip code on the two dating websites I use. Maybe I’ll be luckier up here.

My neighbor Sue sold her house. She sold me her gas-powered golf cart. Since I am in no way mechanical, it took me ten days before I took the cover off the vehicle. With telephone help from Sue, I managed to start it up. I took a ride in and out of the cul de sacs. Great fun! I’m going back to the Valley for some appointments, but I’ll venture into the forest and to the post office when I get back.
A new toy I’m sure my grandchildren will love.
Elissa, a good friend from Phoenix, has rented the cabin around the corner from me for four months. Gal Pals rise! I don’t know when the live music will be back, but I’m sure we’ll seek it out as soon as possible.
My granddaughters each want to spend a week with me. I’m so delighted. I hope the Pinewood Country Club Pool will open soon, as that is their afternoon entertainment and my assurance that they go to bed without any pleas to stay up later.
A great summer is in store for us in Munds Park.

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