Dating While Social Distancing

Last week I was in Scottsdale when I got a phone call from a fellow named Steve. He’d read my column in The Pinewood News and suggested we meet for a drink. He said I could check him out on Facebook. I didn’t get the correct spelling of his last name, so my Google and Facebook searches came up empty. And I wondered how he got my phone number. . .

I called him back the next day and he suggested we meet at the Pinewood Restaurant and Bar for a drink about 5:30. Sounded good to me.

I had to do a “mini miracle job.” I hadn’t worn makeup since my job was interrupted by Covid-19. And loungewear was not appropriate, so I had to choose an outfit. I hadn’t been on a date in six months, so I was excited.

I hoped he would recognize me from my photo on my column because I had no idea what he looked like. About 5:10 he texted me to let me know he was at the bar, at a table in the corner. When I entered, I saw him right away. None of the other tables were occupied, so no problem with social distancing. I hadn’t worn a mask since we were going to be imbibing.

The first thing I noticed was his open smile. And he was good looking, although that is not a major consideration for me. We talked easily and had dinner. I mentioned that my favorite band, The Mother Road Trio, was playing their first concert outside at The Oakmont, at Continental Country Club in Flagstaff. When he suggested we go, I knew he was an adventuresome guy.

We went in his truck. I didn’t offer to sit in the truck bed to achieve social distancing. I hadn’t been to see live music since last summer. I was psyched.

At the Oakmont, we were seated outside at a table at least twenty feet from any other diners. There were two groups at the couches, each with about fifteen young people who were in no way keeping six feet apart or wearing masks. The band was in front of us, at least twenty-five feet away, so their droplets wouldn’t reach us as they were singing.

This was the band’s first gig after two months of lockdown. They sounded amazing! They’d written some new songs and performed them mixed in with the old favorites. The setting was gorgeous


Steve seemed to enjoy the music. No one was dancing, so I didn’t suggest it.

On the ride home, we missed the turn onto the freeway but found the next entrance. He didn’t get bent out of shape that we’d missed the turn. Big points in his favor.

He’s staying at his son’s house for the summer. He took me to see it from the outside and we ran into one of his grandchildren. Then he took me back to my car at the Pinewood Bar. It was a great evening.

The next morning, as I was walking my dogs, I saw his truck and invited him in for coffee. I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t yet put away everything I’d brought up from the Valley. Also, my dogs had already gotten into their toys and strewn them around the living room.

After coffee, he changed out the license plate on my golf cart and helped me get it started. Big points for having automotive smarts.

Today he suggested that I visit him since all of his grandchildren had gone back to the Valley. We spent a lovely afternoon getting to know each other’s backgrounds.

Is it going to be a romance or a friendship? I don’t know. Can I get over outweighing him by at least forty pounds? I know that’s my problem, not his.

Stay tuned.



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