Another Amazing Adventure in Grandmotherhood.

My granddaughter Abby, age 13, visited me for July. Most days she swam laps at the Pinewood Country Club pool at 9 a.m. She collected the colored visitors’ wristbands.

On the first day she was here, we went to Bookman’s. She found a book she liked and spent every spare moment reading. This warmed the cockles my librarian heart. She also bought a two Taylor Swift CD sets so that’s what we listened to in the car.

We made many trips to Michael’s and Joann’s during that time. I bought a tie-dye set and oversized tee-shirts for the both of us. Abby had done it before, so she gave me directions as we did them. They turned out great. I’m going to take the kit back to the valley because she might want to make tie-dyed items as gifts for the holidays.

Abby selected a soft fleece fabric that was printed on both sides. I set up the sewing machine and explained how to double hem so there wouldn’t be any raw edges showing. She made a blanket for her bed at home all by herself. She also designed and made a bed for her sister’s favorite stuffed animal.

We enjoyed taking the golf cart to the post office (before it closed) and the Country Club, even though it barely makes it up the hills.

We ate out often:  at Oscar’s Fiesta Burrito and Your Pie in Flagstaff as well as the Country Club, Agee’s and The Wandering Donkey.

Abby wanted to earn money. She set up a tally sheet and would mark every time she did a task for which she got paid. She took the dogs for short or long walks. She watered the plants. She cleaned all the wooden blinds in the house. I bought a Swiffer and she cleaned the floors. She rinsed out the dog’s igloo. She gave both dogs baths. But her biggest task was cleaning and organizing the storage shed. She took everything out. I sorted through and put half of the stuff in my car to donate. She cleaned the floor of the shed and put the remaining items back in an organized manner. I was thrilled! I’d put off doing that for years.

She tried Pickleball twice but did not want to play more. She said it would take too much practice to get good at it.

We went to Board and Brush in Flagstaff late one Saturday afternoon. We had looked on their website for projects we wanted to do. I chose a sign to give to a friend. Abby chose a huge clock that she personalized with her name. I thought the most fun was distressing the wood, hammering screws to make it look old. We were both proud of our finished products.

Abby found an unpainted crate at Joann’s which she decided could be a storage bin. She had fun painting and decorating it the colors of her bedroom. She painted many large rocks to adorn my front yard. She also repainted a birdhouse that Steve had fixed. He hung it up for me.

We went to Flagstaff one morning to get my mail after the Munds Park Post Office was shut down. She patiently waited an hour and a half, reading, while I waited in line. We tried to shop in downtown Flagstaff but all the Heritage Square shops are closed. They are open on the weekend by appointment. We did find things to buy at Earthbound and The Bright Side Bookshop in downtown Flagstaff. We went to Old Navy and scored some cute clothes.

On the day before she went home, we got henna tattoos. Although we put a mixture of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and sugar on the tattoos as directed, both of ours faded. Abby traced the lines with a Sharpie pen so it would last longer.

We had lots of time to talk. Abby is a thoughtful, generous person with a great work ethic. I’m so happy that my son Nick and his wife Shelley are such effective and loving parents.

Her school district has remote learning until Oct. 9. Since I have the Internet up here in Munds Park, I’m hoping she and her sister can visit again.

I so enjoyed her company and was sad when she left. 

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