Finding gratitude in 2020

On the surface, 2020 stinks. Over 200,000 Americans killed by coronavirus. Way too many nasty political ads. Boiling weather. Wearing masks. Isolating at home. I could go on and on but you will know what I’m talking about. I was stressing out about all the negativity.

I had to make a conscious decision to find something to be grateful for in 2020. That was the only path I could see to happiness in this dreadful year.

           I started by reminding myself of my wonderful family. My sister Evvy lives in New York City so we haven’t been able to get together, but we talk on the phone often. As I grow older, the more I love her.

           My brother lives in New Jersey and has many underlying conditions. I’m so grateful that he’s being strict and staying at home to protect himself.

           I am grateful my children and grandchildren live in the Phoenix area and I’ve been able to see them during these turbulent times. I am lucky that my children allow my granddaughters to stay with me for ten days at a time!

           I have a group of friends in the valley whom I haven’t seen much in the past six months, but I think about them often and our high jinks together.

           I’m grateful that Steve is in my life now. Since we have very differing political views, we don’t let the topic come up. I hadn’t realized how much time I’d invested in watching the news and yelling at the screen, It’s such a pleasure not to be consumed by the toxic political atmosphere. We can watch the PBS Newshour together and not get upset.

           I haven’t been able to write much this summer, but I can feel the creative urge coming on. It seems so long since I used my imagination.

           I challenge you to watch less news and live in the moment. Each moment can be joyous even if the world is a mess.

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