The Adventure Continues

I’m updating my blog with the summer entries. This was written June 7, 2020

I’ve seen Steve almost every day for the past two weeks.

We went on a RZR ride to Mormon Lake and had a picnic in the woods. The only time I’d been on a RZR ride was around the block with my son more than five years ago. It was a good thing we had on our masks to protect from Corona virus because they kept out the dust out of our noses and mouths. Sunglasses kept our eyes clear. There wasn’t much water in Mormon Lake. I had only been there once before, and never realized there was more to the town than the Lodge and campgrounds. I had packed a lunch of roast beef sandwiches. We pulled off the dirt road at a shady spot and had lunch. We ate and talked and communed with nature. When I got back to my house, I was surprised that I was worn out. It was a drive, not a hike.

He’s played pickleball with me a few times. I could see he was a much better player than me (it’s hard not to be,) but he played at my level. He enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of our pickleball courts.

We went to see The Mother Road Trio again at the Oakmont. Two women at the next table were dancing and I joined them. They asked if he was going to dance. He said he’d have to have a shot of tequila. So he ordered one. I tasted it but it made my face go into contortions. A little while later, he donned his sunglasses and danced like Mr. Cool. The women thought we’d been married for forty years!

One day I went over and helped him with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I used to do smaller puzzles all the time with my kids and grandkids. It was a hard puzzle but we managed to put some of the pieces together.

He has a friend, Kurt, from the valley who builds houses. He came up, with his delightful wife Cindi, to give me an estimate on getting the cabin ready for a washer and dryer. I’m actually going to do it after twelve years. The full size stackable washers were $400 less each since last year, so I’m glad I waited.

My friend Elissa, from Phoenix, has rented a place around the corner from my cabin. Steve has no problem including her in our plans.

I’m having a good time.

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