The Fourth of July, Covid-Style

              It looked like a bleak holiday. No fireworks. No parade, No big parties. (Not even Beavfest!) No music at Pinewood Country Club. So what was one to do for the Fourth of July?

              On Friday Elissa and I went into Flagstaff for some supplies. We decided to start the weekend with the very American Steakburger and fires at Freddy’s. After we ordered, we were given a paper cup and a plastic bag with a lid and a straw. When we sat down, I noticed that Elissa has put the plastic bag inside her cup before she put the soda in! I commented that although I thought the plastic bag was merely a vehicle to handing out the lid and straw, she was more creative to find a use for it. We both had a good belly laugh.

              At ten on the morning of July Fourth, I settled in on my porch with Ty, Donna and Elissa to await the parade. We all wore our patriotic outfits. We munched on cheese and crackers and sipped Mimosas. Although the official Munds Park Parade was cancelled, Allison Tiffany and some other residents, with initiative, organized a car parade. They put the map on the Munds Park Facebook page. And it went in front of my house. 

              There were over seventy-five vehicles, decorated for the holiday. It was a terrific way to stay safe and enjoy the spirit of the day. We waved and took photos. Steve was in the parade in his ’23 T Bucket Hot Rod.

              In the afternoon I rested and played games on my phone. At five I walked over to Elissa’s house. Vicki, Michaela and I were invited for a BBQ. Vicki did the honors at the grill and cooked luscious burgers with grilled onions. Elissa supplied the hamburger meat and fixings, coleslaw, baked beans and drinks. Michaela’s sister-in-law, who didn’t come, made a yummy ice box cake.

              I went home and watched all the fireworks and listened to the patriotic songs on television. It’s not the same as live fireworks. I went down memory lane to when I was a kid and my family would go to Central Park, in Teaneck, New Jersey, and watch fireworks. I was mesmerized by the displays and excited by the booming noises. When I lived in the Arcadia section of Phoenix, we could see the Phoenix Country Club fireworks from our homes. In one of my houses, we gathered on the second story deck. In the other house, all the neighbors brought their folding chairs into the street and we watched the fireworks together.

 I still like the pyrotechnics as much as the kids.

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