The Single Senior Sails the Seas

           I went to California last week with Steve. We’ve been friends for three months. We trailered his 24.5 foot Bayliner to Long Beach and rented a slip at Alamitos Bay Marina. I get seasick, so I made sure to get the discs that go behind your ears to prevent this. It worked perfectly.

           I especially liked the twilight rides on the boat. The setting sun dappled light on the soft waves.

We went to Long Beach and looked in the shops, saw the Queen Mary and the USS Iowa and container ships being loaded.

           We motored over to Catalina Island, using Google maps on our phones for navigation. It was early in the morning and the ocean was very calm. The first night we moored at Two Harbors, a less developed harbor.

I swam to the shore (it was cold but refreshing) while Steve blew up the dinghy and rowed to shore. Since this is where the isthmus of the island is located, we walked a few blocks up the hill and were able to see the other harbor. I was able to rinse off at the public showers:  three dollars for three minutes.

           We went to Avalon on Catalina early the next morning. There were “water taxis” to take us from our boat to the dock. We walked around the town leisurely. It was much less crowded than normal due to Covid-19. We had breakfast at Antonio’s and had to shoo away the bees. They were at every restaurant we ate at in California. Who knew that August was bee month?

           That evening we ate at Steve’s Steak House. Since there is no inside dining, they set up formal tables and chairs on the beach. The food was delicious and the atmosphere quite romantic. Afterwards we went on our twilight ride and saw seals sleeping on the large buoys.

           Our return from Catalina was a bit more eventful. The sunrise through the mist was amazing. The seas were not as calm, but it felt like I was on an amusement park ride, shouting “Yahoo!” as we bounced over the waves. Something went wrong with the engine, but Captain Steve fixed it, as I knew he would.

           We had a delightful breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Newport Beach before returning to our slip at Alamitos Bay Marina.

           That night Steve’s grandson and his wife Courtney and their children Blake (aged 4) and Jett, (almost a year old) came aboard to visit.  We had a great meal at the San Pedro Fish Market and then took them for a twilight ride.

           Now that we’re a couple, how do I introduce Steve? We’re a bit old to be “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” “Partner” sounds like we’re in business together. “Lover” is TMI (too much information.) I think I’ll call him my “gentleman friend” because that definitely ­­­describes his personality.

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