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Am I Semi-Single Now?

November 22, 2020

I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with Steve for more than three months and we were friends for four months before that. (He called me after he read my column “The Single Senior” in The Pinewood News.) I took myself off all dating sites after we met. Several people have questioned whether I should still call myself The Single Senior.

I’m dating, just the same person all the time. I don’t have the angst of the possibility of being rejected any more. At least not yet. It feels good to be admired and appreciated and not having to put myself out there.

Yet I still have many of the same issues:  single grandparenting, holidays, aging, living alone and dealing with adult children.

For instance, take Thanksgiving. I usually host people who don’t have relatives with whom to share the holiday. But this is 2020 and Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly. No one wanted to join me because we weren’t in each other’s bubbles. My children go camping with their father. Steve isn’t going to join his family for dinner because there will be 25-30 people. So he and I will have our own Thanksgiving. I’m cooking a small turkey breast and paring the side dishes as neither of us have huge appetites and there are just so many leftovers we two can or want to eat.

Having a deep relationship is unusual for me. The last one I had was ten years ago. I hope that I’ve learned enough from the past to keep communicating. I’m not very good at reading other people’s intentions or moods. I don’t look for problems, so I don’t see them coming. I hope to do better this time around.

The Last Visitors to the Cabin

November 5, 2020

My granddaughter Charlotte and her other grandmother Terry came to my cabin the third week of October to see the fall foliage. It was a whirlwind visit.

The wolf wanted to get into the car!
The wolves looked hungrily at the mule deer.

They arrived at noon and we left an hour later for Bearizona. Charlotte loves animals, so it was a perfect place to go. When we got to the Alaskan Tundra Wolves, one came over to the car and whether it wanted to open the door or to nibble on it. Three of the wolves stood on the cattle guard. I figured they could smell the bighorn sheep, burros and mule deer and wanted to hunt but were prevented from doing so.

We saw plenty of bears as our car followed the curves in the road.

There wasn’t a birds of prey show due to the Corona virus, but we enjoyed seeing the North American river otters play. An enclosure was built for three baby grizzly bears from Montana who were orphaned in April when their mother has been euthanized after an encounter with a hiker who shot and injured her. They were adorable but quite large. One already weighed 125 pounds!

The next day I purchased tickets for the Snow Bowl Ski lift to see the aspens quaking. We stopped on our way up the mountain to see the fall foliage from different sites. Although we had our tickets, we had to wait in line, in the sun, for an hour before we could ride the ski lift. And we weren’t allowed to get off at the top. The views were breath-taking.

When we got back to my cabin, I brought out a craft project. I had Halloween unpainted wood decorations from the Dollar Store and lots of paint and glitter to adorn them. Mine was so bad I threw it away. Terry and Charlotte did a much better job.

I did manage to go to Borracho’s, The Wandering Donkey, Pinewood Country Club and Agee’s for meals before I left for the winter. It’s always bittersweet to put the chair cushions away, clean out the refrigerator, and make the calls to weatherize the cabin, turn off the water and electricity and cancel the Arizona Daily Sun delivery and garbage pickup.

It’s been a wonderful summer in spite of Covid-19. The next question is: Can my summer relationship with Steve continue when he lives in Sun City and I live in downtown Scottsdale. Stay tuned . . .