Am I Semi-Single Now?

I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with Steve for more than three months and we were friends for four months before that. (He called me after he read my column “The Single Senior” in The Pinewood News.) I took myself off all dating sites after we met. Several people have questioned whether I should still call myself The Single Senior.

I’m dating, just the same person all the time. I don’t have the angst of the possibility of being rejected any more. At least not yet. It feels good to be admired and appreciated and not having to put myself out there.

Yet I still have many of the same issues:  single grandparenting, holidays, aging, living alone and dealing with adult children.

For instance, take Thanksgiving. I usually host people who don’t have relatives with whom to share the holiday. But this is 2020 and Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly. No one wanted to join me because we weren’t in each other’s bubbles. My children go camping with their father. Steve isn’t going to join his family for dinner because there will be 25-30 people. So he and I will have our own Thanksgiving. I’m cooking a small turkey breast and paring the side dishes as neither of us have huge appetites and there are just so many leftovers we two can or want to eat.

Having a deep relationship is unusual for me. The last one I had was ten years ago. I hope that I’ve learned enough from the past to keep communicating. I’m not very good at reading other people’s intentions or moods. I don’t look for problems, so I don’t see them coming. I hope to do better this time around.

2 Responses to “Am I Semi-Single Now?”

  1. Judy Monsalvatge Says:

    You look so happy! You deserve this!
    Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

  2. annieweissman Says:

    Thank you I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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