A Great Wedding (not mine!)

A Great Wedding (Not Mine!)

           On New Year’s Eve, Steve and I attended Ty and Donna’s wedding and party. I had spent much of December working with Bridezilla, calming her down, helping her choose a dress (she decided on the $62 one from Ross,) and sewing the miles of curtains to enclose the ramada for the ceremony. Another friend and I were the designated photographers.

           The wedding was over the top and such fun. A horse and carriage, much like one out of a fairy tale, drove Donna from the house where she got ready to the site of the ceremony, a ramada in a park across from Ty’s home. The ceremony itself was performed by an ordained minister who also was an Elvis impersonator. Donna and Ty danced a tango after the ring exchange.

           After the ceremony, the newlyweds took a carriage ride around the neighborhood. When they got back, they offered for us to do the same. I felt like a princess with Prince Charming.

           I was quite concerned about the event being a super-spreader of Covid-19. Steve and I wore our masks and dined inside at a table for two while many people opted to eat outside but close together.

It was the first time since my son was married in 2002 that I had a date for a wedding. It felt good to be a couple, especially since Steve is fun and loves to dance. Donna’s friend John has a band, “Brother to Brother.” They played the night away. There was dancing, socially distanced, and the usual traditions of the toasts and the cutting of the cake. Donna’s sister Sylvia jumped for the bride’s bouquet and fell! Luckily, she didn’t hurt herself.

We left after the fireworks.

A good time was had by all.

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