The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Steve and I took the whole weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Neither of us liked to eat on the day itself:  too crowded, limited menus, poor service. We went to The Chart House at McCormick Ranch for dinner on Friday night. It was quite romantic. I was driven in his gold Ferrari. (Good thing I’d super sprayed my hair,) We sat by the window on the lake. We saw the sun go down behind Camelback Mountain. The food was fabulous. I had sea bass and he had a filet mignon that was tender enough to cut with his fork.

We exchanged gifts. I gave him a beard trimmer and underwear with my picture on it. He gave me a beautiful necklace of a tree of life within a heart. I showed him the Steve and Annie temporary photo tattoo I had ordered and put on my arm.

On Saturday, after we took the dogs for a walk, we went for another drive. We’ve been doing this most weekends to minimize the cabin fever that Covid-19 imposes. We took my car to the top of South Mountain and endured high winds to look out upon the city. There were high clouds, a layer of blue sky, and then the winter haze.

We ate at a New Mexican style restaurant named “Los Dos Molinas,” just north of the park. It was spicy but delicious. We got back to my house in time for Steve to take his afternoon nap.

On Sunday we took the dogs for a walk and spent the rest of the day reading the Sunday New York Times and books we each were engrossed.

I wanted to make a “Midwestern” dinner for Steve, ever the Iowan. I chose pork over noodles from The Betty Crocker Cookbook. I haven’t used sour cream in a recipe for years, but it sure did taste good.

I felt loved, respected and appreciated by Steve. I haven’t felt that from a man in a long time.


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