A Year in Review: A look at Last Year’s New Year’s Resolutions


A Year in Review:  A look at Last Year’s New Year’s Resolutions

     I’m looking at last year’s resolutions to see if I kept any and what to change for 2011.

     My Number One Resolution was to lose weight. Nope, I didn’t, but at least I didn’t gain any. I’ll have to put that back on the list of resolutions. It’s a perennial.

     Number Two was to live within my budget. My budget is further out of control since my son came to live with me. He’s on probation and the costs attached to that are unbelievable. And there’s his $165.00 a month probation fees, his health insurance, his car, and his car insurance, not to mention food and the extra summer utilities. He has a job but he was hurt after two weeks and they haven’t said anything about workmen’s comp. And he has Valley Fever.

     Resolution Number Three was to be less judgmental. I think I made headway on this one. I’ve accepted quirks about my family without making value judgments. They have different paradigms. Not a bad ones but different from mine. I still have to work on this one.

     My next resolution was to define boundaries with others. I‘m still adjusting to my youngest son living with me. I caved in on the rule that my son couldn’t live with me if he smoked. Then again, he has been courteous in smoking only outside and emptying ashtrays. I’ve had some success in setting boundaries. He knows not to use my computer or come into my room without permission. He cleans up after himself and does not expect me to do his laundry. I refused to let him get a dog and he knows I mean it. I try not to nag him about what he needs to do, but this part still needs work. My new resolution will be not to nag.

     Resolution Number Five was to believe in the possibility of finding a partner. I had two romances this past year. The first fellow let me know right away that I wasn’t “the one” so I made sure not to get too emotionally involved. The second romance was a fun summer fling. I didn’t have the opportunity this year to find out if I can find a lasting partner and trust on a deep level.

     Laugh more was another resolution. I do think I accomplished this. I took myself less seriously. As proof I offer up that I played a twenty year-old on  roller skates in Leading Ladies in the Minds Park community theater production.

     As for new resolutions, I have three. I’m going to get my novel published and my play produced. I like the writing part of being an author and hate the marketing to get it published part. I’m going to bite the bullet and send out a query letter once a week. I’ve had my query letter critiqued by a master, so I know that won’t be the reason for a rejection. And I resolve to follow up on query letters, too. And I’m going to submit my play to the Pinewood Players for consideration for the 2012 sesason.

     My second new resolution is to find a new part-time job. Spring 2011 will probably be my last contract with ASU. They’re changing the model of supervising student teachers.

     Another resolution is to enjoy live music whether I’m dating or not. Although I’m not afraid to do it alone, it’s more fun with friends.

     I hope you all have fulfilled your last year’s resolutions and are making new ones.

     Check out my website at www.annieweissman.com

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