Dropping Out of Dating

Dropping Out of Dating

Three different friends this week told me they are seriously considering dropping out of dating. I do understand their points of view.

Friend #1 isn’t at all sure that good sex is worth putting up with male arrogance, ignorance, and the inability to carry on a meaningful discussion. She’s only been dating nine months after taking a few years to get over a hurtful divorce. She’s dated three or four fellows and found them all woefully wanting in thoughtful consideration of the word around them, nonreaders, and politically conservative.

Friend #2 has been dating the same fellow for three years. He still hasn’t said he loves her. The tipping point was a year ago. She cried her eyes out, sure they were breaking up. They didn’t but she didn’t invest as much emotionally after that. She’s now wondering if she should continue the relationship. They have a good time when they connect, but there are many times when he’s an angry person. She’s not sure it’s worth it to put up with him. She has realized there will be no commitment from him.

Friend #3 is just tired of putting herself out there and getting rejected. She’s not sure why her relationships go sour. One fellow told her she was “too nice.”

I think I’m going to hang in there, but not as energetically. I’ll just see what turns up. I’m spending the summer in Munds Park and planning some senior singles happy hours up there. Hmmmm.

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