“I’m Married But I’m From Out of Town”

“I’m Married But I’m From Out of Town”

Have you ever noticed that married friends live vicariously through your dating stories? A good friend has been visiting from California. She always listens attentively when I do my monologue on the adventures of going out.

We both love live music, so we went out to the Rhythm Room on Monday night and Char’s Has the Blues on Tuesday night. These are slow nights for bars and the probability of meeting anyone with whom to dance is remote. However, we dressed in our “slutty clothes,” meaning not worn jeans and a tee shirt and looking uptown.

The Rocket 88’s had a jam session on the first night. Most people in the audience were musicians awaiting their turns to play. However, one fellow did approach my friend and start up a conversation. One couple danced one dance.

The next night there were a few more people, but the place was sparsely populated. The band, Kenny G and Kenny Brown, was hot. Very few people danced. After the first set, the cocktail waitress told us someone wanted to buy us a round of drinks. We accepted before we even found out who it was. When she delivered our beverages, we asked her to point out our benefactor. A middle-aged man nodded and came over to sit next to my friend. The two of them carried on a conversation of which I only heard phrases. I did hear her say, “I’m married but from out of town.” After the band started to play again, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned, the table was empty. My friend and our benefactor were dancing to a slow tune. I was surprised but happy she could have a harmless flirtation. I guess after twenty-nine years of marriage she wanted to see if another man might find her attractive. We stayed through the second set. My friend and the fellow exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers.

When we got into my car, she said she was glad to be leaving so he would have to the opportunity to find someone else, someone “available.” He did call and email her, but she wrote back that she enjoyed meeting him but was happily and definitely married.

This brings up another point to me. How many guys out there, whether at a music joint or an on-line dating service, are married and just into a flirtation? Hmmm.

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