It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

            I went to see the movie “It’s Complicated last night. It got three out of five stars in The Arizona Republic and only 52% positive reviews according to I thought it was terrific, a definite five stars. It spoke to me of single seniors. In the first scene Meryl Streep is talking with her ex-husband Alex Baldwin and their old friends, who are hosting a party in honor of their thirtieth wedding anniversary. When Alex Baldwin’s new, young, beautiful wife interrupts and “claims” him, I felt Meryl Streep’s awkwardness and being like the one left out. How many of you have been in social situations with your ex and you’re still single? It doesn’t happen to me often, as my ex and I have totally separate social circles. It only comes up when it’s an occasion for the kids (weddings, graduations, etc.)  Why do I feel I have to impress the ex and his current? I take care with my clothes, hair, and makeup.

Even though Meryl has accepted her single life, is professionally and financially successful, and has three great grown kids, she embarks on an affair with her ex. Unfinished business? “So there!” to the new wife? A need for closeness and sex? I know I would never have an affair with my ex, but I understood the longing for a past where everything was whole.

The movie is funny and insightful. I highly recommend it.

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