Mr. Right Now


Mr. Right Now

            If you’re a bit prim and proper, don’t read this blog entry.

 I’ve found a Mr. Right Now, namely Mr. Liberal Democrat. I’m not looking around for anyone else, and he isn’t either. At least that’s what he says. This morning he asked me if I wanted an omelet like the one he’d made me last week. It was awkward to tell him that he hadn’t made me an omelet last week. Last week when I stayed over, I wasn’t hungry. It was so much easier to keep everything straight when we were younger because there weren’t so many experiences that mirrored each other and because our memories were better. I know I’m an optimist to think this way. Is this misspeak of his a warning sign that I miss every time? Or is it a mistake and I should give the man some slack?

He already told me that he’s messed up the past three relationships after ninety days. So I figure I’d better make the most of the next sixty days. One cannot underestimate the power of regular sex from a source other than Mr. Buzzy. I like the feel of his arms around me and his body near me when I sleep. I didn’t even have to wear my socks last night!

One Response to “Mr. Right Now”

  1. Walt Hohlstein Says:


    Recently singled….retired Veterinarian…Now full-time Munds Park resident…Need some tips on activities and companionships….I am a very active senior…Golf, hunt, fish, travel and group activities at the club….Physically fit…no problems..except being alone !



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