My Sister the Dating Queen

My Sister the Dating Queen

My sister, from Manhattan, visited for a few days. She takes dating very seriously. She’s mostly retired and I think finding a partner is her primary job. She’s met sixty guys in the past year, all from the Internet. She says she liked six of them and claims that’s a good percentage. She wants to meet someone so she can get on with her life.

She checked her emails at least five times a day. She broke up with one guy while she was here. She’s sixty-six but lists her age on the dating site as fifty-six. She definitely looks that young. She claims that if she put her real age she would get no emails. The guy she was seeing was shocked and dismayed at the discrepancy. He said she was being deceptive and trying to ensnare him. She thought he was very mean on the phone. A little while later she got an email from him that was even more scathing. She had told me that he was a little overweight. I asked what he listed on his profile. She said, “fit and toned.” I suggested that he was being just as deceptive. She took the ball and ran with it. She replied to his email suggesting that he be honest and characterize his body as “a few extra pounds.”

My sister was quite down about this turn of events. She had thought that he was a good prospect. She hashed over the incident with female and male friends and her daughter. She says the dating rejections bring up all the rejections in her life, but she’s willing to deal with two weeks of heartache in order to find the right guy. More power to her!

I took her to the Suns playoff game tonight, so she forgot about it for three hours.

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