New Year’s Resolutions


The Single Senior’s New Year’s Resolution

            My top two resolutions are the same as everyone else in the country:

  1.  Lose weight
  2.  Live within my budget.

 Even though I would have hoped that by my age men would have figured out the looks aren’t everything, that’s not true. The bald fat guy still thinks he should be with a woman who looks like a Barbie doll. Don’t guys realize that if she’s over fifty and looks like that that the appearance has cost her lots of money at the plastic surgeons? Still, you get more dates when you are not overweight. Period. I know this because I was overweight and dated. You can still date, but the guys feel like they are giving you some slack. If you think you’re beautiful and sexy, you will find guys that can see it. But there are also many, many guys who can’t get over looking for the perfect figure.

Next, my budget. I’m semi-retired and thought I had plenty for the rest of my life. So did everyone else in the country. But my money problems do not have to do with the fall of the stock market. It is due to new financial obligations for adult children. I know I am not alone in having to support the unemployed. My youngest son was underemployed and then lost that job. He didn’t qualify for unemployment because he didn’t make enough money in one quarter. Catch 22.

Now to the rest of my resolutions, with a little help from ones made (or inspired) by Mr. Liberal Democrat:

  1. Be less judgmental. I got this from my dad. After he knew someone for five minutes, he would create a three word moniker that would be hung on the person forever. I need to resist the thought that I can be opinionated now that I’m older because I am therefore wiser. I used to hate it when my friend’s mother felt she could criticize you because she was a senior. Garbage! I want to be willing to see the other’s person vantage point for the rest of my life, rather than narrowing my focus.
  2. Believe in the possibility of finding a partner. After the hurtful ending of the relationship with Coach, I’ve considered myself a “free spirit.” I dated but didn’t expect or want anything more than a fling and an activity partner. The last time I got into a relationship, I fell in love with that, rather than the person.
  3. Laugh more. I do have a great smile, or so I’ve been told. But how much laughter and true joy is behind that smile? I need to look for joy and laughter in everyday moments. I learned that from my mother when she got dementia, but I haven’t put it into practice.

     Now that this is written in a blog, and on my hard drive, I guess I’ll be obligated to compare real life with my resolutions at the end of the year.

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