Resonating at the Rhythm Room

Resonating at the Rhythm Room

            Pinetop Perkins played the blues at the Rhythm Room last night. He’s ninety-seven and he still has it. His voice was strong and his keyboarding resonated in my soul.

            I went with a friend who’s enduring a bad time in her life: breast cancer and a nasty breakup with a guy she was engaged to for eighteen years. He got married a few months after he ended the relationship. My opinion is that she escaped both with her life and has a chance at more joy.

            First we went to dinner at Hula’s and sat outside near the fire pit. It was a great place for her to just talk about all that’s been going on. I’m a good sounding board because I no longer feel it necessary to “fix’ other peoples’ lives. I can finally be compassionate without offering advice. Well, I have to admit I still do, but only if advice is asked for.

            The twenty dollar cover charge for the show at the Rhythm Room was steep for me, but turned out to be well worth it. We got there a half an hour before the show, but the place was packed. There were no more seats. We picked a spot to stand behind some people who were seated.

            The Rhythm Room All-Stars took to the stage first for a short set. They rocked and I found myself dancing in place, which is more fun than trying to dance in a chair.

            During the break, my friend and I talked to some younger fellows who were standing next to us. She knew the people who lived next to one of the guys in central Phoenix! One man told us not to miss the Walter Trout concert that was coming up. We had a nice chat without any of the “looking each other over” stuff.

            When the band started up again, the people sitting in front of us went out on the dance floor. After one number, Pinetop Perkins joined the band. People stayed out on the dance floor and watched the concert from there. We got to sit down and had a perfect view of the Blues legend. I was mesmerized by Pinetop Perkins. The whole place rocked! I bought a CD of his music and have been playing it all morning.

            Before last month I rarely went to music venues with friends. The women I had been asking didn’t want to spend the money. I think they also didn’t want to expose themselves as single and “looking,” even though most of my single friends have given up on finding a guy or a relationship. It’s great to have a friend to share this experience and not be on the lookout for guys. I see more live music in my future!

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