Social Occasions and the Single Senior

Social Occasions and the Single Senior

            In the past week I’ve weathered several social occasions.  At my first stop in California I stayed with my longtime friend and her husband to celebrate her birthday. Another old friend of ours was visiting too. She is also single. I guess since we’ve known each other since junior high school, we don’t think in “couple” mode. We went out one night to a bar to listen to live music. There were about twelve of us, almost all couples. The women got up and danced with each other as well as the dancing with their husbands. I had some great conversations with several people.

            The other occasion was in a different location in northern California. It was a bat mitzvah with all the surrounding hoopla. I had met many of the adults the year before at a wedding in the same family. Somehow it seems a little weird to get all dressed up without a date. I guess I’m not worried about impressing other people. It would have been totally inappropriate to ask Mr. Right Now to accompany me. The event was out of town and would have been a major expenditure on his part.

I always considered myself gregarious, but I do get shy at dressy events when everyone else is a couple. This year one of the married women was there without her husband. We hung out together, making me more comfortable.

There are so many single people, especially seniors, I wonder why being a couple is still the norm. I guess it has to do with social conditioning. I feel fine eating out by myself, going to the movies by myself, shopping by myself, going to a museum by myself. I still have to get over the hump of formal social situations.

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  1. Dr. Walt Hohlstein Says:

    I don’t know if my eMail got through…Need the date , time and place of the senior get together…Thanks

    Walt H.

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