Sorry, Wrong Number

December 16, 2009

Sorry, Wrong Number

I emailed several of my “matches” on One fellow named Randy emailed me back his phone number. I wrote it down and put off calling him. Why do they want me to call them? I once had a man say he figured women wouldn’t give out their phone numbers. Maybe.

Finally, yesterday, I put calling him on my “to do” list. By two in the afternoon I had crossed off everything but that item. I took a deep breath and dialed. I got a recording that “Dave” wasn’t available but to leave a message. Hmmm, was Randy married and using a friend’s phone to make dates? I left a message with my phone number and forgot about it.

I was driving with my neighbor friend to the Sun/Spurs game that evening when the phone rang. It was Dave who insisted he had never been “Randy.” He said he went to bed late and to call him after the game.

Donna and I had a great time at the game. The Suns were winning by twenty points, but for the Suns, no lead is too large to blow. According, they let the Spurs come within one point. It was very exciting and the Suns triumphed.

On the way home, I called Dave. After speaking for just a few minutes, I realized that I must have misdialed Randy’s number originally and reached a different single guy! Dave went on to describe himself as forty-seven. I told him I was too old for him. He said age was a state of mind. When I asked when he could meet, he said anytime as he was unemployed. Also he didn’t have a driver’s license.

“Why not?” I asked

“DUI’s,” he replied.

Okay this is a younger guy who’s unemployed and had DUI’s. How could I get out of this?

“I’m getting into traffic, I’ll have to call you back,” I said.

“You probably won’t,” he said, but I wish you would.”

After I hung up, I got a text message from him. “im serious…as long as you’re not obese or psycho. im interested in meeting down to earth women. I hope you’ll take a chance. You won’t be disappointed.”

What nerve! I was very tempted to text back that I was fat and on anti-psychotic drugs, but refrained.

This morning I checked Randy’s email. Sure enough, I had transposed a digit of his phone number. I called the right number and left a message but haven’t gotten a call back.

Life is tough in the dating ditches.

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