Spring and Renewal

Spring and Renewal

It’s a marvelous March in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’ve had more than enough rain over the winter. I have a brown thumb and even my flowers and plants are flourishing. I sit at my computer and look out the arcadia door onto my patio which has containers overflowing with purple and fuchsia petunias, orange gardenias, and all manner of mums and roses from the ninety-nine cent store. The fountain is gurgling, the shrubs and fichus tree I whacked back last fall are green and bushy. My weeds are shamrocks and four leaf clovers. It’s the time of year for birth and renewal.

What does renewal have to do with the single senior? Fortunately or unfortunately spring makes me very romantic. I yearn for the times when I totally trusted my man. Before the disillusionment. Before the divorces. Before the tragedies of my life. I long for the innocence when I thought I could make the world gender neutral. Yes, I was a women’s libber, a leader of consciousness-raising groups, and a card carrying member of NOW (the National Organization of Women) who saw an oppressor under every bush.

Deep down I would love to be able to trust that much again, and to return to that state of innocence. It’s not realistic, but I am an optimist.

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