The Single Senior Dances with Los Lobos

The Single Senior Dances on Stage with Los Lobos

            On Saturday night I attended a Los Lobos concert with Mr. Liberal Democrat. Los Lobos has won Grammys but you are excused if you don’t know of them. They did the soundtrack for the movie La Bamba. The first show had sold out but the late show had about one hundred and twenty people, seated at tables, with a dance floor by the stage. We went to the 11p.m .late show. We were a bit worried about staying up. That certainly tells you we’re no kids. They start their evenings out at eleven.

            The venue was The Compound in north Scottsdale. The crowd was mixed but tended toward us seniors. Los Lobos has been around for thirty years. We were seated next to a table of three women who were a bit older than us. Their hairstyles were French twists with teasing on the top. They were definitely weekly beauty shop ladies. During the concert they danced around while seated. Most of the audience got on the dance floor. Singles, couples, everyone. Were these women held back from doing this because they were brought up during a time when women had to wait for a man to ask them before they ventured out on a public dance floor? I certainly had no such inhibitions. When Los Lobos played “La Bamba” at the end of the concert, I went on stage, with about four other women, and danced with them.

            This got me thinking about inhibitions. I’ve noticed that some people get more inhibited as they age, and some get less so. I know there’s a school of thought that when you get to a certain age, you can express your opinions freely. I’ve noticed it about my friends’ parents. They feel free to criticize not only their children, but anyone else in the physical vicinity. I was at a Christmas party a few years ago with my mother, who lived with me. She was in the middle stage of dementia. My friend’s mother, a few years younger than my mother, came up to us and pronounced that she was glad she was able to live on her own and not burden her children. I cringed. I don’t know whether my mother caught the snipe. I replied that some of our parents are not a burden, but a joy. The woman’s insensitivity still annoys me. Other friends’ mothers have directly criticized me. I don’t think you earn a pass on civility and politeness with age.     

Some things are less inhibited as we age. When I was younger I was very self conscious about my body. I thought it had to be perfect. Now that everything is yielding to gravity, I am less inhibited about my body. I am unwilling to pay to make it look younger. I do work out, but it doesn’t stop the aging process. When I look at the old pictures of me in a bathing suit, I can’t understand why I was so obsessed with comparing myself to perfect bodies. I looked pretty darned good! Too bad I couldn’t appreciate it. Now I can get changed in a locker room without hiding my body. I wear a bathing suit when I want to go swimming. I’m much more comfortable in my own body.

Sex is less inhibited. We don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or if the other kids will think we’re “easy.” I do hope all of you single seniors are using protection because we still can catch STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases.)

I’m up for new adventures. I took a trip to Costa Rica on my sixtieth birthday. My friends and I defied our fear of heights and went zipping on cables above the rain forest. I’m into Why Not? Instead of Why?

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