Thoughts on body image formed while walking the dog

Thoughts on body image formed while walking the dog

            As I was walking my dog this morning, I saw two men and I projected that they felt the opposite about their bodies. Their shapes were amazingly the same:  both men were short, had stocky builds, and un-toned arms and legs. The first man I saw was wearing only very brief running shorts. He was obviously proud of his body and didn’t mind showing it off whether or not it met the cultural standard of buff. The smile on his face and the lilt in his gait spoke volumes about how he felt about himself.

            I encountered the other man about twenty minutes later. He was also running, but in a plodding way.  There was no skip in his step. He had on a long sleeved shirt and long pants. I’ll bet he realized swimming suit weather was almost here and he’d better get going on a body he could present at the pool.

            I see the same thing with women. Lots of women in Phoenix wear shorts, whether their bodies are shown to advantage in them or not. It’s just too damned hot to worry about body image for these ladies. I admire them. I haven’t worn shorts in public in years. Last summer I did buy a few pairs of those knee-length Bermuda shorts but wore them only a few times in my cabin in Munds Park when it got hot there. I don’t have air conditioning and fans can only do so much during the peak hours of three to five in the afternoon. I have been cowed by the fashion industry and the advertising world.

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