Wisdom of the Dog Walks

Wisdom of the Dog Walks

            My neighbor D and I take our dogs for a walk most mornings. It’s a convivial way to start the day. The dogs are “only children” and are glad to see each other. For this single senior, it’s very comforting to have a friend right across the way.

            Our complex is mostly rocks so we walk through the green carpets of other communities and into the neighborhoods nearby. D and I catch each other up on what’s happened in the last twenty-four hours: men, children, work, friends, and current events. We hold very different philosophical and religious views, but D insists on discussing these things. I usually just state my position and let her justify hers. My other friends have many of the same political and religious views. It has actually helped me see how others, like Republicans and fervent Christians, view the world.

            The camaraderie of these walks is very important to me. It’s a satisfying human connection I can count on all the time. Even more than that, there is the wisdom we impart to each other. Our backgrounds are different, but we have faced some of the same challenges. I can learn from how she’s dealt and is dealing with situations, and she can learn from me. When my father got to be a senior citizen, he went to the gym almost every day. He had a bunch of acquaintances he met there. He always talked about the” wisdom of the shallow end of the pool.” Now I understand exactly what he meant.

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